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About this website...

This website has been redesigned in accordance with modern web practices so that it can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets as well as conventional computers. If you have any difficulties or suggestions, please email me.

About web browsers...

Some older browsers may not display pages as intended. In particular, Microsoft Internet Explorer versions prior to Version 8, should be avoided or upgraded.

This is not always a popular suggestion, but: Internet Explorer in any version should be avoided as it continues to deliver less than the best the web has to offer. This is due, historically, to Internet Explorer deliberately not following established web standards when Microsoft was pushing for a complete browser monopoly in the late 1990's and early 2000's. They lost that corporate battle, and are now trying with rather mixed success to patch the countless flaws in Internet Explorer and pretend all is well. It isn't.

But much better browsers do exist. They are all free, easy to install, work on all modern Operating Systems and display the Web as its web designer community intended. Microsoft Internet Explorer only runs on Windows which, unlike all other current Operating Systems, is not free. You do not always get what you paid for.

For a better World Wide Web, download and install Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, or Opera. Click on these links for full download instructions.

These comments are a personal view I share with over 90% of web designers and developers around the world.

Cheers, Peter.